Sri Guru Puja and Sri Shiv Puja

The sacred worship and offerings of gratitude onto Sadguru, Sadashiva and Adishakti.

An Illustrated manual with Sanskrit mantra, transliteration and translation compiled by Paramhamsa Nithyananda from  Srimad Kamika Agama and Sri Somasambhu Paddati

This booklet carries the context, the sacred science, the ritual as ordained by Bhagavan Sadashiva, forming the Shāstra Pramāṇa, which is verified by the experiences of Enlightened Ones, as Āpta Pramāṇa and now, presented to you by the direct experiences of the Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, as His Ātma Pramāṇa to make them as your Sākshi Pramāṇa, your own experiential evidences.