Nithya Dhyaan : Kannada

Nithya Dhyaan – Eternal Bliss – the title says it all ! The book describes the meditation technique to achieve eternal bliss. When Swamiji was contemplating how to reproduce the enlightenment experience that He had had, this occurred to Him in a flash ! Yes, it occurred to Him – He didn’t “create” it; He doesn’t claim any credit for it. In fact, He says quite a number of people began to ask Him for some general meditation technique that they could practise every day. He wanted to formulate a technique that would be a complete representation of His philosophy, teachings and experience; something that would be holistic and work on the core being. And lo ! The result is this book in your hands, Nithya Dhyaan – Eternal Bliss ! After all, Existence is already complete by itself – nothing needs to be created; only that it got revealed when the time was ripe enough for it.