Is Spirituality Relevant In Our Time : Portuguese

Is spirituality relevant for our time ? What an apt title for a compilation of questions posed by some journalists and the way Sri Parahamsa Nithyananda has answered them ! It is apt in the sense that the title itself is actually one of the questions posed to Him. The questions might appear to be very clever, tricky and stumping, but Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda has the last laugh every time because His answers are very simple even while being very profound and thought-provoking, emphatic and clear even while being non-aggressive. Sample a case where He is dared “What makes your meditation technique special ?” He simply calms the agitated journalist saying, “I don’t consider it necessary to promote any particular technique as special …it can be any technique they are comfortable with…” In fact, He Himself advises us to try out 4 or 5 techniques and follow whichever we find the deepest peace in and get greatest clarity from. This shows the confidence He has in and the awareness He has about His own technique. At a higher level, this can only be appreciated as He has come to serve humanity as a whole and not any vested interest or propagate any particular religion / dogma. As for just another – the way He handles someone asking Him if His being young is in any way a hindrance is really classic !
The relevance of meditation and spirituality in today’s context are well brought out in His answers. It is very difficult for any seeker / open-minded person to look past His observations on why spirituality and meditation don’t rank among the list of priorities in people’s lives today. He explains how the different energy centres (called ‘chakras’) are very vital for one’s well-being. In this book, He also refutes the popular belief that spirituality is all about renouncing all pleasures.

His reassuring that “meditation could help manifest all the material pleasures that we desire for” should dispel a prejudice one might have developed that a Sanyasi would advocate against materialism and reinforce the need to come to His books when seeking life solutions. The context in which He fixes “contentment” in one’s life is such that it settles many a question in many a