Secrets of Third Eye Awakening

Lord Shiva, Adiyogi Mahadeva is the source of consciousness and lord of all mystic yogic powers. He transmits the science of awakening the yogic powers through the disciplic succession of Enlightened Masters and Incarnations for the evolution of each soul (jeeva) to realize its oneness with Shiva – ‘SHIVOHAM’ (I am Shiva. I am Divine). Mahadeva himself resides in the third-eye or trinetra with His infinite power, Kundalini Shakti. The most vital and unique mystic power gifted by Lord Shiva to the Universe is – awakening of the third eye or ajna cakra. In the Vedic tradition, the eternally living civilization, spirituality starts with Third Eye. There is no Master in the east who has not worked on awakening the Third Eye. All the Hindu Devas and Devis (Gods and Goddess) are visually seen with three eyes. It means that only if your Third Eye is awakened you can become God, not otherwise.